Quick update – MOAR DAKKA + wheels

19 April 2023

Sorry guys n Gals, for the late-ness of getting out the first stages of the model – this is because of getting out the Dakka bois on the 30th of this month, so not much timeeee.

Keeping the dakka vibe ’eres the new buggie – made from all da best bits from from the scrapyard. In a double layer, steel frame, style – the gutted human truck on the top leaves plenty of room for MOAR DAKKA!

Also to get ahead of next months ideas – what do people think of doing a Ork Bloodblowl team (proxies) – In Goff Rockers style!?!?

For those of you that havn’t played BB its a great game to Print n play – and for those of you that arn’t fused it would be easy to give them shoot as n choppas?

Any other ideas welcome!!!!

Thanks, ya gitz,

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