SCRAP CRAWLER (orks),(March)

19 April 2023

Ugggh, me culpa! apologies to fellow Orks for posting a day late but it’s uploaded to CG&T! 

Let’s talk about the latest victory in the war against our foes! Scar’a’dak, the daring leader of a group of fierce Orks, planned a raid against the enemy’s fortress. The Orks’ preparation was brilliant, and they managed to capture THE SCRAP CRAWLER, a powerful war beast that was usually found burrowing into the mountain roots. However, the beast seemed happy to live among the wreckage of the warring Orks left behind.

The enemy had thought that their fortress was secure, but the Orks proved them wrong! With the enraged beast leading the charge, the Orks smashed through the enemy’s walls, wreaking havoc and destruction upon everything in their path.

Our Waaagh! is unstoppable! With the ferocious cave-dwelling, SCRAP CRAWLER now fighting alongside us, we will continue to crush our enemies and bring glory to our people. Scar’a’dak is proud to lead such a brave and unstoppable group of Orks, and he knows that our victory is inevitable.


let me know what you guys think – I think I’m gonna work on a muscle buggy April

I love all the ideas – this one has been asked for ALOT!


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