19 April 2023


SO ERE IT IS – DA KICKASS WARBOSS machineee. Mowin’ down the competition with deeze big bad wheels for hellish speed and HEAVY LAD for a SMASHIN’ kill. Hope you guys are liking this as much as me…


I promised 2023 would bring all things rusty and new, and, I’m guna be straightforward with you gitz – post-covid and living crisis times have been slow for growth and I’ve got to find more sustainable work hours.

BUT where there’s a will there’s a way, and I really want to bring you guys along with me on the journey… Something that’s been brewing in my mind factory is branching out from Orks alone to create unique, creative characters and models, inspired by tabletop games AND RPGS.SO….?

I’M OPEN THE IDEAS! What do you guys want to see? Other designers churn out just MORE ORKS – some split their Patreon in half…?

PUMPED for the challenge, and to you ORK bosses – I salute you, time for the next level. WAAAGGGHHHH!

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