Monstrous Delivery Truck (JUNE UPDATES FINALLY)

4 July 2023

📣 Introducing the MONSTER WHEELS! 🚚💥

Greetings, amazing patrons!

I am thrilled to share a monumental achievement that has emerged from the depths of my workshop: the Monstrous Delivery Truck! 🎉🔧

This awe-inspiring creation, born from the original Muscle Buggy, now stands tall and mighty, ready to revolutionize the way goods are transported in the town of Ork! 🏔️💪

And CG&T, which has now become PrintedWargames! 🎲🖨️ everything should have moved over, use this new link:

July has been a sticky start – patreon is still processing subscriptions too (like in the old days) and the migration to PrintedWargames meant we couldn’t use the system. so thank you from the bottom of my fungi heart for being the best gits.

Stay tuned for more updates on the fantasy stuff!

Yours inventively, JIM the Orc Engineer

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