23 October 2023

Introdocuding the ultimate ORK collab…

Brought to you ESPECIALLY for 2023 ORKTOBER is the ultimate collab between ORK creator extraordinaire: Bulwark Gaming, Blue Sky Miniatures and Mekka Miniatures.
We’ve founded ‘ORKS TOGETHER STRONG’ [OTS], an international collaboration from the UK, Canada & Australia… no time zone will deter us from pooling resources to bring you some MEGA boss kit.

Check out our TRIBE on My Mini Factory for more info: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/OTS
And keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for updates.

Oi, listen up, ya gitz! We got ourselves a stompin’ union goin’ on, and it’s called Orks Together Strong. This ‘ere Waaagh! is led by three mega kunnin’ digital model makers: Bulwark Gaming (JIM), Blue Sky Minis, and Mekka Miniatures.

Dey’re startin’ off by bundlin’ up some of their best bits from before to see if ya lot fancy it. Dis is just da beginnin’, but if it works out, we’s lookin’ at a Waaagh! of creative power like never before. We’z talking stretch goals, group collabs, loyalty rewards, discounts, massive bundles of goodies, seasonal models, voting power for tribe members, and a private discord channel so yo gitz can let us know what ya like!

Stay tuned, ’cause Orks Together Strong is gonna stomp its way to da top, and da future’s lookin’ well ORKY!

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