Happy Easter, April on Pause, Paternity leave

31 March 2024

April Payment is switched off (any new joiners will be for the battlewagon)

New Parent Adventures

Life has taken a wild turn on my end of the screen, with our little one making her grand entrance fashionably late and adding her own flair to the mix! Both mom and daughter are doing great, and I couldn’t be prouder of them. (Still unsure if she’s going to be an Ork player like her old man…)

Bulwark Battle Wagon Update

Between baby prep and endless back-and-forths hospital trips, progress on the Battle Wagon has been slower than a Squig on a lazy day. But I haven’t forgotten about it!

Huge thanks for your patience while I juggle baby snuggles and wargaming dreams.

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a hoppy Easter filled with quality time for hobbies, family, and of course eggs! 🐰🍫

All the best, a very sleep-deprived!

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