17 October 2023

About this design

These enigmatic beings were the guardians of nature, the embodiment of the forest’s magic, and the keepers of its wisdom.

The Leafolk were born from the gentle embrace of sunlight and the essence of ancient trees. Each Leafolk possessed a distinct appearance, reflecting the diverse flora that adorned their woodland home. Some were adorned with vibrant autumnal hues, resembling leaves ablaze in fiery reds, oranges, and yellows. Others boasted delicate, pastel petals that mirrored the blossoms of spring. And a few displayed the lush greens of evergreen foliage, reflecting the endurance of the forest.

With their limbs branching out like elegant tendrils, the Leafolk moved gracefully, their footsteps echoing the rustle of leaves in the wind. Their eyes, glowing like the first rays of dawn, revealed a profound connection to the living world around them. They possessed an innate understanding of the intricate balance of nature, harmonizing with the animals, plants, and spirits that inhabited the great forests.

For centuries, the Leafolk had devoted themselves to the protection and preservation of their enchanted woodland realm. With a blend of gentle wisdom and fierce determination, they guarded the forest against those who sought to exploit its resources or disturb its delicate equilibrium. Through their ancient rituals and age-old chants, they harnessed the power of the land, mending wounded trees, healing wounded creatures, and restoring the natural order.

They remained the eternal guardians of the woods, standing as a testament to the enduring power and beauty of the natural world.

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