14 July 2023

About this design

Attention, wargaming enthusiasts! Prepare to be mesmerized as the ancient guardian of the forest, Old Man Willow, makes his long-awaited entrance into the battlefield! 🌑⚔️✨

After months of meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication, I am thrilled to unveil this extraordinary Ent model, ready to bring a touch of mystique and power to your tabletop battles. Get ready to witness the forest come alive with the presence of Old Man Willow! 🍃🏰🌿

Due to the intricate details and complexities involved in creating this majestic piece, Old Man Willow’s release has taken a little longer than expected. However, rest assured that his wait is over, and he is now ready to join your forces in their epic clashes. 🌳💥

Old Man Willow is here to make a mark on your tabletop battles like never before.💥✨

Discover Old Man Willow’s Fellow Leafkin:





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