ORKTOBER Dogo ‘n’ Bone

1 November 2023

About this design

“In a dusty, post-apocalyptic world, an orc perched on the back of a roaring truck, gripping a massive, horned dogo. The dogo, with ivory spikes jutting from its powerful frame, spun wildly, its eyes gleaming with excitement. Sensing their enemies closing in, the dogo would clamp down on anything that moved.

With practiced skill, the orc handler knew how to use the chain and bone to turn the dogo into a makeshift wrecking ball. As the truck sped through the desolate wasteland, its tusks gleaming in the harsh sun, they could bash down any opponent in their path. The orc and his formidable companion were an unstoppable force, a whirlwind of fury and survival in a world where strength and loyalty were the ultimate weapons.”

Check out the ORKTOBER Wrecking Ball Crane for FULL smash n mega damage THIS Orktober, 2023!